Place at register-watch it sell…

It's that simple. These days with record high stress levels, people are very interested in products that help them de-stress. Place mniCHILL® at the register of any store ranging from convenience stores, pharmacies, yoga studios and beyond and watch it sell itself.

Notice miniCHILL® does not contain the controversial sleep hormone melatonin. Melatonin’s sole purpose is to induce sleep. It does NOT belong in a relaxation or stress relief product.

With pressure from consumer advocate groups, the FDA has begun warning beverage manufacturers. Stevenson Products urges you to consider the potential dangers of selling a drink labeled as a "relaxer" that is really a sleep inducer. The potential for serious injury or death is real.

Thank you for your interest in making the world a happier place 2 ounces at a time. Please fill out the contact form and a representative will be in touch with you shortly. 

Why It Works

  • Doctor formulated1 supported with published medical study2
  • Natural blend of herbs & aminos scientifically proven to enhance mood & focus while relaxing the mind & body without causing drowsiness
  • Delicious, 0 Calories, 0 Sugar, 0 Caffeine, 0 Melatonin

Why It Sells

  • 75% of adults reported experiencing moderate to high levels of stress in the past month3
  • Relaxation is the "fastest growing beverage category"4
  • Broad target market (Male & Female; 18-65)
  • Comprehensive web presence including SEO, YouTube & Facebook initiatives, flawless BLOG reviews & Viral campaigns
  • High margins per square inch, just place at counter and it sells itself!

1. Formulated by Doctor Benjamin Weeks; PhD Biochemist
2. "...based on cellular and animal studies as well as human clinical trials the literature suports a role for these preperations as useful alternatives in the management of the stress and anxiety of everyday life. - Medical Science Monitor; Dec 15, 2009
3. American Psychological Association survey, 2004
4. Beverage World Magazine; 2009

  • "The stress relief and relaxation was definitely noticeable. I give miniCHILL® a WIN! Great as a non-alcoholic night cap, no calories, convenient packaging.-Consumer’s Corner
  • "miniCHILL® provides a caffeine-free way to reduce stress without recourse to dangerous or ineffective filler ingredients." -Progressive Grocer
  • "miniCHILL®, the answer to not only our question, but our fast-paced modern lifestyles.-EV Grieve
  • "When all the stress and fatigue from your mind and body disappear, you will feel more energetic than before.-Health Product Review
  • "I really found that this works. miniCHILL® has now become a mainstay of my trips to NYC.-Web for Health
  • "I felt absolutely fantastic. I was calm, carefree, and happy. miniCHILL® works, and it works amazingly well." -Everyview
  • "The flavor is berry-like but mild, very lightly sweet and easy to drink. Do I feel relaxed after polishing one off? Yes" -Drink Hacker
  • "The flavor is vibrant. I ended up feeling more relaxed, so I am going to call that a plus." -Gigi Reviews
  • "miniCHILL® shot has a clean, crisp berry flavor that goes down feeling cool and refreshing. It keeps you awake, but it puts you at ease and smoothens you out." -We Rate Stuff
  • "miniCHILL® is our favorite, simply because it's so handy for the active sportsperson or adventurer to carry around (the bottles are tiny)" -Wide World Mag
  • "This is my new secret weapon! I keep a stash at work for that time of day when things seem to be dragging along and piling up. You NEED to try this!" -Mad Mom on a Mission
  • "I took a shot of caffeine-free miniCHILL® before a stressful cross-town drive and was amazed at my calm demeanor while dealing with the traffic!" -Beauty News NYC
  • "I swear, this stuff is PERFECT for busy moms! I’m glad that there is a product out there that calms you down without putting you out! miniCHILL® is some pretty awesome stuff." -In-My-Bag Blog
  • "Not only a relaxation drink/shot packed with function but it’s berry flavor tastes great too." -Nation of Hip Hop
  • "The happiest buzz of your life." -NY Bar fly
  • "My overall evaluation is that if you can get your hands on these, do it! They're very yummy and don't contain anything will make you feel weird, edgy, or sleepy.-Our Stressful Lives
  • "It’s as if all the stress of my hectic day just kind of fell from my shoulders and I was suddenly carrying a much lighter load." -Best of You Today
  • "Better alternative to drinking alcohol or taking sleep aids as a way to unwind." -Star Telegram
  • "his Thoughtful combination of ingredients helps you unwind in a natural way while increasing focus and happiness." -Thoughtful com

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