How will I feel after drinking miniChill®?
You will feel less mental stress, a boost in your mood and improved focus without drowsiness. miniCHILL® relieves the stress, unties the knots of mental tension and allows you to focus and function at peak performance.

How long will it take before I feel the effects? How long will it last?
If you consume it on an empty stomach, you can start to feel it in as soon as 5 minutes. Consumers report their feeling of well being lasts about 2-3 hours.

What makes miniCHILL® unique?
miniCHILL® is Doctor formulated with peer reviewed research backing its effectiveness for non- drowsy stress relief, mood boost, and improved focus. It is the only drink that can boast this science behind it. miniCHILL® contains Relarian™, our unique blend of herbs and amino acids.

Is miniCHILL® fattening?
No! miniCHILL® contains no sugar and no calories. It is sweetend with stevia- an all natural sweetener.

Should I shake before using?
Yes. miniCHILL® is composed of natural herbs so some minor settling may occur. Just shake before enjoying.

Does miniCHILL® require refrigeration?
miniCHILL® doesn't need refrigeration to stay fresh, but it tastes great at room temperature or chilled. Any unused contents require no refrigeration. Discard after 72 hours.

Are the ingredients safe and natural?
Yes. miniCHILL® and its all natural proprietary blend Relarian™ are made from herbs and amino acids. It contains no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Additionally, all the ingredients are GRAS(Generally Recognized as safe by the FDA)

Will miniCHILL® make me drowsy?
No. It does not contain the controversial sleep hormone melatonin. miniCHILL® was scientifically designed to provide non-drowsy stress relief.

Can miniCHILL® help me sleep better?
Yes. If consumed at bedtime miniCHILL's® calming effect can help promote a restful sleep. The number one cause of insomnia is stress. By taking away the stress before bed, you will be able to fall sleep easier.

Is miniCHILL® safe to use while on medication?
If you are on medication, consult with a physician before consuming.

Is there anybody who should avoid taking miniCHILL®?
Do not use if operating heavy machinery, pregnant, nursing or under 18 years of age.

Are there any sexual side effects?
miniCHILL® will not cause sexual dysfunction. In fact, miniCHILL® users report an improved sex life resulting from decreased anxiety and tension.

How many servings are recommended?
Limit use to 2 servings (bottles) per day.

We will gladly answer any questions you may have.

  • "The stress relief and relaxation was definitely noticeable. I give miniCHILL® a WIN! Great as a non-alcoholic night cap, no calories, convenient packaging.-Consumer’s Corner
  • "miniCHILL® provides a caffeine-free way to reduce stress without recourse to dangerous or ineffective filler ingredients." -Progressive Grocer
  • "miniCHILL®, the answer to not only our question, but our fast-paced modern lifestyles.-EV Grieve
  • "When all the stress and fatigue from your mind and body disappear, you will feel more energetic than before.-Health Product Review
  • "I really found that this works. miniCHILL® has now become a mainstay of my trips to NYC.-Web for Health
  • "I felt absolutely fantastic. I was calm, carefree, and happy. miniCHILL® works, and it works amazingly well." -Everyview
  • "The flavor is berry-like but mild, very lightly sweet and easy to drink. Do I feel relaxed after polishing one off? Yes" -Drink Hacker
  • "The flavor is vibrant. I ended up feeling more relaxed, so I am going to call that a plus." -Gigi Reviews
  • "miniCHILL® shot has a clean, crisp berry flavor that goes down feeling cool and refreshing. It keeps you awake, but it puts you at ease and smoothens you out." -We Rate Stuff
  • "miniCHILL® is our favorite, simply because it's so handy for the active sportsperson or adventurer to carry around (the bottles are tiny)" -Wide World Mag
  • "This is my new secret weapon! I keep a stash at work for that time of day when things seem to be dragging along and piling up. You NEED to try this!" -Mad Mom on a Mission
  • "I took a shot of caffeine-free miniCHILL® before a stressful cross-town drive and was amazed at my calm demeanor while dealing with the traffic!" -Beauty News NYC
  • "I swear, this stuff is PERFECT for busy moms! I’m glad that there is a product out there that calms you down without putting you out! miniCHILL® is some pretty awesome stuff." -In-My-Bag Blog
  • "Not only a relaxation drink/shot packed with function but it’s berry flavor tastes great too." -Nation of Hip Hop
  • "The happiest buzz of your life." -NY Bar fly
  • "My overall evaluation is that if you can get your hands on these, do it! They're very yummy and don't contain anything will make you feel weird, edgy, or sleepy.-Our Stressful Lives
  • "It’s as if all the stress of my hectic day just kind of fell from my shoulders and I was suddenly carrying a much lighter load." -Best of You Today
  • "Better alternative to drinking alcohol or taking sleep aids as a way to unwind." -Star Telegram
  • "his Thoughtful combination of ingredients helps you unwind in a natural way while increasing focus and happiness." -Thoughtful com

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